MIa & I

I am Alberto Rubio, an innovative visual artist and researcher dedicated to exploring the intersections between music and color. My work revolves around a theory that employs musical patterns to create chords of colors. This approach aims to establish a logical harmony in the construction of color patterns and sequences, opening new perspectives in the understanding and appreciation of these two elements.


6/14/20232 min read

Ever since I was a child, art has always been an integral part of my life. Colors and shapes have always attracted me, and I always had a sketchbook and a pencil in hand. My notebooks were like mazes of forms and strokes, rarely containing any notes. As I grew older, I became passionate about photography. Despite life leading me into the world of numbers and becoming an accountant, that attraction to art never left me.

While numbers provided me with stability and an understanding of the world, I always felt art lingering around me. There was something about it, a kind of calling that I couldn't ignore. Every time I encountered a new master or a new technique, I felt like I was discovering a part of myself that had been hidden.

I often flirted with the possibility of dedicating myself to art, and during one of those winding paths one finds oneself on when escaping, I encountered new mentors, magical places, and ancestral plants that lovingly and wisely reminded me where I had left my brushes.

Then, the pandemic arrived two years later, a time of silence and reflection that, like everyone else, reached me too. It was during this time that I decided to leave accounting behind and fully embrace art. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery through painting and photography, exploring aesthetics, contrast, and color in a completely new and personal way.

I delved into the world of color, its theories, and its harmonies. I learned how to create better color palettes and how to achieve harmony by understanding chromatic circles. I explored shadows, colors, their complements, contrasts, volumes, tones, and values. I sought to understand the blending of colors and discovered countless fascinating "and's" that allowed me to open up to the idea of using musical patterns in color. By applying their rules, I sought to identify if they could create a mathematical pattern that had a logical construction of color.

At that moment, María Iribarne Art Lab or MIA, as I prefer and would like it to be called, was born. MIA represents and pays homage to the magic of sensitivity that arises from femininity, allowing for the creation of this wonderful and ambivalent scenario called art.

Today, I am an artist who adores numbers, an eternal student of color theory, and an explorer of patterns and connections between different forms of expression. I invite everyone to hop on the bus for this exciting adventure.

Alberto Rubio